Hello, Brides! Today we will talk about something extraordinary…have you ever heard about the boudoir photoshoot?

In this type of photoshoot, the woman in sensual, sexy, attractive, and full of poses with attitude.

The goal is to unite seduction and enchantment, producing provocative and very feminine images.

In the case of the Bride, in addition to a photoshoot to exercise self-esteem and have a moment to enjoy her own body, there is still the possibility to surprise the groom, leaving that taste of wanting more.

The photos usually look fantastic and make the joy of both; the photographer and the ones being photographed. One of the coolest parts of it is that the Bride will feel beautiful, sensual, and powerful.

We think the proposal is super valid, so we created a post to explain every detail of this type of production.

So, are you ready?

Who is this photoshoot for?
There is no suitable profile for the boudoir test; on the contrary, the session is recommended for any woman who has the courage and daring to do it.

However, it is necessary that the Bride feels comfortable, calm, and confident on the day of the shoot.

So if you really want to do a boudoir, but still feel insecure, our advice is: take a deep breath and go for it!

After all, all women deserve to boost their self-esteem, right?

Of course, the costumes and poses can be quite challenging at first, but with the right photographer, everything fits!

How to do a boudoir photoshoot?
There are not many secrets around here. The preparation for the boudoir is similar to any other type of photoshoot; planning is the key.

This includes, among other things, performing aesthetic touches, such as makeup, hair, nails, eyebrows, and waxing. Everything varies, of course, on the personality of each Bride.

However, it is crucial to plan well in advance to provide the looks, lingerie, and accessories, not to mention the location.

A good tip for brides is to look for the term on inspirational sites, like Pinterest, for example.

Psychological and mental preparation is also essential. Practice some poses alone or in front of the mirror, if that will help you feel safer and more comfortable.

Besides, the boudoir photoshoot must necessarily be done with a trusted professional; this makes all the difference in the Bride’s enjoyment.

Talk to the professional and share your ideas, wishes, and inspirations. That way, it will be easier to make this moment a gift for both you and your future, Mr. Forever. See below some amazing examples.


Wedding ceremonies are getting more and more modern and innovative, and now we have a range of options to decide how to make our wedding. Elopement Wedding is a model of marriage totally different from the traditional and very intimate. Ready to know it?

What is Elopement Wedding?
Elopement Wedding is a wedding style in which the groom and the bride choose to travel somewhere far or out of town and get married without telling family and friends.

It does not mean that you cannot invite anyone, but if you do, it must be the closest family members (father, mother, and siblings) and a friend who is very close

This wedding style is very reminiscent of the Destination Wedding, isn’t it? They are, in fact, very similar in terms of choosing a destination to marry, but they have a difference: While Elopement Wedding is done only with the bride and groom in secret, a Destination Wedding is a ceremony where everyone in the family and friends can be invited to travel with the bride and groom

Advantages of an Elopement Wedding

There are many advantages to choosing more uncomplicated weddings, the main one being price. It is evident that to make a garland for many guests, the expenses will be much higher. Elopement Wedding can be a more economical option as well as becoming an expensive event. For this, it is necessary to analyze which place will fit in your budget and choose a wedding somewhere in the United States or in an international destination.

One of the most challenging parts of a wedding is to please everyone. Especially when talking about dress, place, and decoration, thousands of opinions always arise from the guests who want to do everything their way. Elopement Wedding is the perfect option for those who don’t want to worry about it. Thus, the bride and groom will be able to choose the clothes and the place that corresponds to their respective tastes, without having to worry about what others will think.

Many couples aim to travel on their honeymoon and get to know some specific places in the world. Elopement Wedding allows you to realize two dreams at once: that of getting married and that of understanding a different location. So just get organized financially to get married and spend the honeymoon in the place of your dreams.

Where to do your Elopement Wedding?
There are countless incredible places to make this wedding model happens. The most popular sites to make these weddings, without a doubt, are the beaches. But besides them, it is possible to find many other places like mountains, waterfalls, and some more extreme locations.

Now let’s talk about 4 destinations to inspire you to choose the place of your Elopement Wedding:

This place is super recommended for those radical couples who want an unforgettable wedding full of adrenaline. Many couples opt for this destination due to the mountain peaks and beautiful landscapes, where it is possible to do Bungy Jumping and other extreme sports. The occasion can go to the heights choosing to get married in a balloon or arrive by helicopter, can you imagine? It is breathtaking, isn’t it?

Maui is known to be the most romantic island in Hawaii. It is considered the most beautiful and intimate place in the United States to hold an Elopement Wedding. Your “I accept” can be said in front of a beautiful waterfall, on a volcanic sand beach, to the sound of the waves breaking. Isn’t it amazing?

Florence is the largest city in the Tuscany region. It has incredible places to take beautiful photos and an incredibly romantic ceremony. The town is charming, and its own architecture becomes a beautiful landscape for pictures and events. One of the most popular tourist spots for the Elopement Wedding is the Ponte Vecchio and the River Arno, as from there it is possible to have a charming and passionate view of the city.

For adventurous couples, this is also one of the most amazing places to have an Elopement Wedding. If you are looking for a super different and exotic wedding, Kenya is the perfect place to do it. Containing a beautiful Safari, it is possible to innovate and make the ceremony on a camel, can you imagine? Kenya is a spectacular place to make a wedding and the most exotic and fun photo album.

How to organize the Elopement Wedding?
After knowing some of the best places to get away and get married, it is necessary to see that it is not just choosing the site, and that’s it. Some points must be analyzed and organized so that everything goes perfectly on the big day.

1 – To choose the location, it is necessary to analyze a place that you both like, safe and appropriate for the occasion. So it is interesting to research, and if it is an exotic location, it is essential to talk to people who have already married or been there.

2 – After choosing the perfect place, you must carefully select the time of year when the ceremony will be held and keep an eye on the weather forecast on the selected date.

3 – Plan ahead. If you choose an international destination, make your passport as soon as possible and check if a visa is required for the selected country. Choose a hotel close to the ceremony and buy tickets in advance to avoid paying such a high price. Do not leave anything to the last minute, as a single detail can cause frustrations on the big day.

4 – Choose a good photographer. The photos will be the memories of an incredible and unforgettable day, so every detail must be recorded in excellent quality.

5 – Elopement Wedding is an uninvited ceremony, but there are some exceptions. Some grooms choose to invite some people who are very important and unique. So if you are going to invite someone, keep in mind a maximum of 6 close people.

6 – Plan yourself financially to spend a few more days at your chosen location and enjoy your honeymoon.

See, now that you know everything about the Elopement Wedding, tell us where you would have your wedding. If you want to know other wedding styles, keep tuned for all kinds of inspirations 

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