Hairstyle for the Big Day!

Hairstyle for the Big Day!

I am not new that the bridal hairstyle is one of the wedding highlights, but do you already know how to make it even more incredible?

Hair accessories are perfect for that! They transform any bridal hairstyle, but it is essential to be careful not to be betrayed by choice. That’s because hair accessories range from the most uncomplicated and most delicate to the most brilliant and extravagant. They must match the look of the bride and the style of the wedding.

So, if you still don’t know which hair accessory is right for your wedding hairstyle, we’ll help you. Check out this list with the darling hair accessories for brides.


Crowns are perfect for classic brides looking for a queen-worthy look. They bring a romantic and powerful air and combine with more sophisticated weddings and traditional styles. In addition to being used with a veil, this hair accessory dramatically enhances the look.

The tiara matches different styles of weddings and, because of that, is one of the most common hair accessories. The largest and brightest agree with sophisticated and classic events. The most delicate and discreet ones, on the other hand, can be perfect for casual or outdoor weddings.

The bun holder is the hair accessory that gives that final touch to the bride’s bun. It can appear as a banner or as small crowns. The coke holder is perfect for bringing even more elegance to the hairstyle. Its size and details should follow the personality and look of the bride.


Combs is also one of the best wedding hairstyles. They can appear in more extensive and shiny versions or in smaller and more discreet versions. Thus, this hair accessory can occur in the most diverse styles of wedding. The comb is excellent for asymmetrical hairstyles, as it helps to hold the strands naturally.

The headband is the accessory that looks like a hairband. It is great for more informal looks and, because of that, combines very well with stripped and outdoor weddings. The headband usually appears on loose hair and is an excellent option for brides with shorter strands.

The bows are gorgeous and bring the bride a sweet and charming look. Because of it, these hair accessories match perfectly with weddings and brides of more romantic styles. Just be careful not to overdo in size and end up getting a childish tone on it.

Violette is a name given to hair accessory made of transparent fabrics, such as tulle and lace. It works as a smaller and more modern version of the veil. The cap is like a reduced version of a hat, and these accessories are often used together to create a retro look, perfect for vintage weddings.

Flowers are perfect hair accessories for any bride. They can appear scattered through the locks, as a crown or as fasteners for the threads. It is possible to choose from a diversity of shapes and colors, and the smaller and discreet flowers are super elegant, while the larger and colorful ones bring the bride a relaxed look.

So, Which one did you choose? What is the perfect hair accessory for your hairstyle? Drop a comment below; we would love to hear!

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