Mini Bouquets to Decorate your Wedding Ceremony

Simple decoration yet fancy for a wedding that you will love and a wedding to be remembered. So, do you already imagine decorating your wedding with mini bouquets?

They are small, delicate, and give that simple charm, with an interior wedding face, made with all the love of many hands, do you know how?

The coolest thing is that you know the right supplier of flowers; you can get your hands dirty with your groomsmen, friends or family, to make your own decoration.

Don’t like flowers, or want something different? So maybe bouquets of aromatic herbs, little plants in a vase, or bouquets of leaves are all options for you;)


This tip is everything in life if your marriage has a more intimate footprint. That is, if you get married in a chapel, in a small place, or have a mini wedding. The proposal will match it much better.

If the space is too large, the ideal is to complement the decor with some larger arrangements.

Tip: If you are totally focused on the budget, insert the bouquets in every other seat. That way, you will save on the flowers without changing the effect on the final result.

Let’s get inspired!

So worth a lovely photo gallery for you to see the incredible effect that the mini-bouquets have on a decoration.

Now, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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