What no one did tell you about an outdoor Wedding.

Getting married outdoors can have many advantages, but it also requires careful planning. This ceremony involves detailed and extra logistics that the bride and groom must consider so that everything is precise as they always imagined. There is no shortage of inspirations for details of beautiful outdoor wedding decoration, perfectly combined with the wedding cake table and the original and themed wedding favors that the guests take home at the end of the party. But we have to think about other items.

The truth is that this type of event does require special attention. Know that there is detailed planning behind all this perfection that you find while doing your inspirational research so that nothing fails. If you have decided that you want to create a wedding like this, write down these necessary precautions so that everything runs smoothly.

Special attention to high temperatures

Especially if your wedding is in the summer or in places where the temperature is usually higher, always remember to guarantee maximum comfort to everyone. This will be the basis of your party’s success. Have prepared several places with refreshing water and think about offering different wedding favors such as parasols, hats, and personalized fans to help your friends enjoy this outdoor environment.

It is recommended that you look for spaces with trees that provide natural shade or look for companies that set up tents outdoors to guarantee even more charm since they can be made of materials that integrate with the décor. In a cool environment, everyone will be comfortable, including the bride, groom, and guests.

Beware of food refrigeration.

Another “detail” to take into account is the food. Do not expose it to heat for a long time and prepare a cooling space so that everything stays in perfect condition at the reception time, mainly so that the decorated wedding cake is impeccable at cutting. Remember that leaves and other natural elements, such as dust, flowers, and even grass, must be kept well away from food, so prefer to serve the buffet under some cover for security.

Beware of intruders

If sometimes it is difficult to control the number of guests in enclosed spaces, imagine in an open space, such as on the beach or in the countryside. Sign and clearly limit the area where the ceremony and party will be held, and hire a security team to keep an eye on the wedding perimeter. If your budget does not allow you to hire a team, ask some close family and friends to be alert about possible extra guests that may appear during the party.

Accumulated garbage

An outdoor wedding accumulates a lot of garbage, and, suddenly, the perfect space, with impeccable rustic wedding décor, can get chaotic. To prevent this from happening, have several ecological points so that the guests can deposit the garbage. Inform the team responsible for cleaning the place to pay attention to this detail so that the trash never accumulates. Another thing to consider, on sweltering days, is the odor that the garbage can cause in the environment. Always keep the space clean and away from accumulated waste to avoid discomfort among guests. 

Be prepared for unforeseen events

As the wedding is outdoors, keep in mind that it can fail in very fundamental and unexpected aspects, such as the party venue’s power generator. Here are some practical tips for precaution:

• In the heat of mosquitoes, it is advisable to provide repellents and a first aid kit in unforeseen circumstances.

• Take a test with professionals and ensure that the energy works until the wedding party’s last song.

• Sign the terrain well to avoid accidents and possible falls. If the terrain is very uneven, it is worth informing your friends in the text of the wedding invitation to prepare the appropriate shoes. 

In case of rain … plan B

Unfortunately, we do not control the weather. If it rains on your wedding day, immediately activate a plan B, leaving logistics prepared to move the party to an indoor location or a tent where guests can be comfortable. If the chosen place has a closed space, they can assemble all the decoration inside, giving that rustic wedding touch. Be careful with water in the stereos and ensure the animation with the wedding party’s songs until the last minute. Outdoor weddings are synonymous of romanticism and natural beauty, where the whole environment is magical and peaceful. Think of decoration according to the party’s location, which can usually vary between vintage, rustic, or boho chic, and choose wedding songs according to this environment for each moment of the party for the bride or groom to enter, even for the moment of cutting the wedding cake. Above all, choose the space you love and that every detail is a mirror of the couple’s personality.

Had a wedding outdoor? Tell us your story.

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