An unforgettable Rustic Bridal Shower

Bridal shower is a very intimate event that occurs before the wedding, and usually brings together the bride’s friends and family some 20 or 30 days before the event. In this post you will learn about the rustic bridal shower style, a very charming way to decorate to be unforgettable.

In addition to gathering people very close to the bride to celebrate the closeness of the wedding day, the bridal shower also aims to get a series of useful tools for the day to day of the bride in the new house, that ones that are not requested at the wedding.

Rustic Bridal Shower

Now that we know a little bit about bridal showers, let’s talk about its decorating style, and we, as passionate people about everything rustic as we are, have found several inspirations that will help you set up an incredible environment!

To make the meeting more pleasant and charming, a simple and personalized decoration can totally transform the event. And rustic bridal showers, allows several items to be made in an economical way and full of charm!

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Where to start?

To characterize the rustic bridal shower, wooden items cannot be missing. You can invest in the main table in a rustic style, or even assemble it with wooden crates or pallets, which can even be joined in advance to optimize your budget.

Source: Pinterest

In addition to the table, a panel made with pallets for the background, looks beautiful, or even a sequence of wooden crates to decorate the space!

Table arrangements can be made with glass, decorated with jute and lace, or simply painted! Choose flowers of the season, and assemble them in the way that they look as natural as possible. Jute can also be used to make a detail on the tablecloth.

Another thing that is very nice to decorate a rustic bridal shower, is to make a mural with the photos of the bride and groom using a pallet as a base, it is charming, personalized, and the guests will love to know the history of them through the photos.

Abuse of the kitchen’s items!
In addition to the items that characterize the rustic style in the decoration, the kitchen items cannot be missing to match the theme of the “bridal shower”. They set the tone for the event, and leave the decor personalized and full of details.

Cups, mixers and even graters can become a support for the arrangements, a stack of pots or a fake cake can become an ornament, this way, step by step you will start to determine the tone of the event.

Cake and Sweets
When you personalize the event everything gets more special, doesn’t it? And a bridal shower is no different when the bride thinks about every detail, the guests leave even more anxious for the wedding day. ♥ And to set up an amazing table, the cake and sweets make all the difference, and can also be themed, look how cool these ideas are:

Don’t forget the souvenirs!
And to close with a golden key, the rustic pot tea souvenirs. {♥} They can also be themed, and following the idea of ​​utility for housewives is a fantastic idea! Spices, flower seedlings, wooden spoon are some suggestions that can be used as souvenirs or as a gift for the games.

Did you like the ideas? A rustic bridal shower is an economical, intimate and charming way to celebrate this special moment in the bride’s life. So plan ahead, ask for help from the bridesmaids, and be sure to make this fun and happy date on the eve of your wedding.

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