How to Entertain Kids in a Wedding?

Have you thought about how to entertain the kids at your wedding party? I know that in the view of many couples, weddings are an adult party and they prefer not to invite children. It is also true that it is an opportunity for adults with kids to have a party night without worrying about children. But first of all, wedding is a family party, a party to form a family, and if you look through this point of view, kids should be super welcome!

Some suggestions:
If the place has a separate little room available, set up a space for kids. There you can have some sheets of drawings and colored pencils and games.

There are companies specialized in entertaining children at an adult party, It is not a noisy recreation, on the contrary, they take toys, propose activities and even fix mattresses for the children to sleep while the parents are having fun.

If you have a lot of kids among your guests and want to rock your wedding reception: a children’s table, with children’s chairs (companies that rents furniture have those), acrylic plates and a menu served as soon as the party starts (pasta is always a success) .

 Pay attention also if there is a changing table in a bathroom of the party venue.

Any more success tips for children to be entertained at the wedding and feel welcome? Please drop in the comments, we will love to hear.

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