Five wedding trends for 2020

Planning a ceremony is not easy. There are many details that can make all the difference on the big day. Even more difficult is knowing where to start and reconciling tastes. To help you with your wedding preparations, we want to show you a list of 5 wedding trends that will rock everything in 2020. Check it out:

1. Sustainability

This topic has never been so hot. And now like never, there are more and more ecological options for weddings. For flowers, the choices are all about seasonality and also local production. Other plants, such as foliage, are also a trend and have been used with increasing frequency. For souvenirs or invitations, you can find the ecological paper or paper straws here on Amazon.

2. Embroidery Wedding Dresses

The Influencer Chiara Ferragni started the trend of embroidered wedding dresses in late 2018 when she wore a personalized Dior dress with lyrics from her husband’s songs, inspired by the couple’s relationship. In 2020, we will see the trend boom, as couples find more exclusive ways to tell their love story in phrases embroidered on the fabric. Exclusivity and lots of love!

3. Long Tables

Round tables are gradually being replaced by long tables at weddings. This alternative has proved to light up the interactions between guests and turn the wedding atmosphere even more pleasant! Table arrangements also have more space to shine that way.

4. Flowers

The floral arrangements are gaining height! They are leaving the tables and going to the ceiling. This promises to be one of the trends for both weddings and decoration in general in 2020. The most used ones are those made from leaves of fern, boa, and ivy.

5. Self-service buffet

The self-service bars continue to be a trend. The choice is practical and makes life easier for the bride and groom by offering a more casual approach. Another detail of the buffet that is gaining prominence is food that is not traditionally at a wedding. Near the end of the party, the bride and groom have made available mini hamburgers, fries, popcorn, and ice cream. Everything for the party never ends

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